How to Become an iPhone Developer

While it may be challenging, it is not entirely impossible for ordinary citizens like you and me to become iPhone app developers. Find out more about how to develop iPhone apps below.

iPhone application development refers to creating useful and appealing apps that other people would want to use or would need. In creating a useful application on the iPhone, there are certain skills that you must have. Creating iPhone applications is not an easy task as you would need to really learn how to build one that is up to Apple standards so that people would use it and be satisfied with what you have created. Here are some important things you need to know if you are planning to be an iPhone Developer and create functional and unique iPhone apps.

What You Need to Know

First of all you have to have an iPhone SKD, or software development kit, and other tools you need for your app development. If you do not have or do not use an iPhone SDK or other basic tools, you can’t create an application for iPhone.

Creating applications does not only require programming knowledge. It is important that you also update yourself with what people really want to use, what they need, and what apps are successful. As in any project, it is vital that you first research if the app you had in mind would even be relevant or not.

Put yourself in the situation of the user and start thinking if you would want that app and what you would expect that app to do. It will help you narrow down your ideas and clear out other unnecessary ones, and in turn, it will be easier for you to finish your app.
If you want to be an iPhone Developer, you have to be creative. However, be sure not to be over creative in your very first app.
Remember that one of the fundamental principles of design requires you to keep it simple. Having a simple application that achieves its purpose without all the unnecessary elements will give you a greater chance of having positive feedback.

iPhone Application User Interface (UI) Design is very important. There are a lot of new developers who make mistakes in designing and creating their apps because they overthink and end up with complex designs, forgetting the resolution size. Again, you will have to balance the aesthetics and the functionality of your design. You must make it clear to the user so that he/she will not have to think to navigate your app. You have to learn how to use your app’s UI to design a decent and user-centric app.

If you want to develop a game, first you have to get details about game engines and iPhone Game Development platforms. Some of the commonly used game engines are Unity or Cocos 2D, among others. Learn them for you to improve your knowledge and know-how in creating a game application.

Code and design your app properly. If you have a freelance developer, communicate with him/her so he/she can give you advice about your app. Give your developer ideas about what you are going to do with your app so he/she can give you advice on what you can do next.

If your app turns out well, try to enroll at the Apple Developer Network. You have to pay $99 for the annual fee membership. It involves terms and conditions of Apple that you need to know in signing the contract. Once you are in the program, you will receive a certificate which allows the SDK to pair up with your iPhone Device.

Once you are done with your application and you have a Distribution certificate, submit it to the App Store. Explain how to unzip your file once it is downloaded, put a description on it and include large and small icons of your application, and screenshots of your app. Then if you are done sending your app to Apple, it will take them about a week to approve your app and determine if it is publish-worthy at the market.